Friday, 16 November 2012

random pics from my instaholic part of life           .
 Carrots for the recipe you 've seen here.
 Playing like a child.
 Yummy breakfast.
Last time wearing my espadrilles.
 Best thing to do while writing my thesis in viticulture.
 Croissant and hot coffee for breakfast.
 Harry and I.
 Delicacy chunks with apple and dark chocolate [very soon on my blog].
[I told you I'm an instaholic.]
 Beautiful double rainbow - like a painting on my window.
 Just an old label on a building.
 My beautiful current city [Thessaloniki].
 Daniel Craig - great as James Bond.
 ..and a veggie soup to welcome winter!

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I apologize for not posting very often, I'm very busy after my graduation.
But I promise guys to find my rhythms soon!
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